Hyper Basketball Kick Up Party

Welcome to the Hyper Basketball Kick Up Party basketball court, created just for you! You take on the role of a person in this game who needs to work on his ball handling techniques. With the intention of becoming the world's greatest club player, you will assist this guy in showcasing his abilities on the basketball field.

This game's gameplay is distinct from other games. In this game, players must prevent the ball from dropping onto the court rather than throwing it into the hoop. A basketball dangling in midair and a playing field will appear before your eyes on the screen. You have to hold it in the air for a predetermined amount of time. You lose if your ball touches down below the court.

You'll need a unique translucent circle to accomplish this. If you are the best player in the stadium, you will go down in history. You will use it to polish the ball and maintain its consistent airborne position. Put on a show on the basketball floor. Your scores will determine whether you play for the world's best club or not. Become a promotion legend by defeating every player in the stadium!


  • The game has an extremely easy-to-understand setup.
  • The faces present a few difficulties.
  • Bonus points and player-supporting merchandise are both appealing.

How To Play

  • To hold the ball, you will use the mouse.

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