Jetpack Joyride

Prepare yourself for an amazing journey filled with peril, thrills, and countless opportunities in the gripping Jetpack Joyride game. Put on your virtual jetpack and get ready to soar as far as you can while avoiding all the perilous barriers in your path.

You will encounter innumerable hazardous obstacles in this fascinating game, all of which are charged with electricity and ready to obstruct your advancement. The game ends with one incorrect move and one fast collision. Can you handle these perilous barriers while maintaining composure?

However, surviving isn't the only goal; you also need to gather points and let your inner recklessness run wild. Make sure to gather as many gold coins as you can as you soar through the heavens. These priceless coins can be used to unlock an array of breathtaking jetpacks, each with unique features and capabilities.

So, are you prepared to set out on this thrilling adventure? Are you going to be the greatest Jetpack Joyride champion by conquering the skies? Put on your jetpack, resist gravity, and get ready for an exhilarating experience that won't be found anywhere else. You can play in the sky, so go ahead and aim for the stars!

How To Play

  • To play, use the WASD and Space keys or the arrow keys.


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