King Of Sumo

Play the incredible game King of Sumo to become the ultimate sumo wrestler champion. You will take on the role of a young, aspirational individual in this game. As you unravel the mystery surrounding the absence of a great sumo wrestler, you will assist him in winning.

The game will require you to utilize your entire intellect because it is full of intense battles, surprising turns, and mysteries. Please consider your assault options carefully. As you progress, the goal is not only to overcome your opponents but also to solve puzzles and reveal the story behind Kojiro's absence.

Tips To Win

In this game, timing and strategy are the two most important variables. You have limited time, so make the most accurate shots by using your calculation abilities. Learn about the various kinds of attacks. Some opponents cannot be vanquished by force alone; there are certain strategic needs. To find out the history behind Kojiro's whereabouts, pay attention to the game's hint key.


  • Take part in exciting sumo bouts and explore an intriguing story.
  • The world of sumo wrestling is brought to life with the aid of stunning images and vibrant graphics.
  • Replay battles to improve your rating and score.

How To Play

  • To control the character in the ring, use the arrow keys.

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