Legends Basketball Stars

Enter the basketball court and shoot shots into the ring in the game Legends Basketball Stars! This is an excellent game in which you can test your abilities against a large number of other players. Perfect your shot and outperform your opponents to become a great basketball legend.

You can choose from four different basketball courts to play on. Each football field is uniquely decorated. The ultimate goal is to precisely throw the ball into the hoop without letting it fall out. To make the best shot and score the most points, you must maintain good power control and timing. When you throw the ball into the hoop, you will gain bonus points. Obstacles on the field will complicate your shoots. Prepare to play hoops alongside some great basketball legends!

Tips and Trick

Patience and concentration are the keys to winning or losing this game. To ensure an accurate throw, calculate the force required to hit the ball well. Practice different angles for photographs in various scenarios.


  • A diverse map with four different basketball courts.
  • Easy-to-use mouse controls allow for precise shots.
  • Competitive gaming with difficulties that actually test your basketball skills.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to calculate force, and then throw the ball.

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