Prime Snooker Showdown

Prime Snooker Showdown is a thrilling sports billiards game that blends talent and strategy. It is your job to put the ball in the hole. The game has accurate physics modeling in addition to dynamic gameplay. This offers a genuine feel, with firm pauses and light touches for placement.

As soon as you launch the game, a pool shooting table will appear on the screen, and a pool stick will be given to you. The white ball must be aimed toward other colored balls in order to be placed in the hole. Set out on an intriguing multi-level adventure. Every level is meant to push the boundaries of your pool skills to the maximum.

Tips for Winning

The ball's trajectory must be precisely calculated in order for it to enter the hole, which is the most crucial aspect of the game. The game is more difficult than you may imagine. It takes logic and intelligence to get every ball in the hole. Now go forth into the world of beer and prove your incredible skills!

How To Play

To finish the level and get the ball into the hole, click and aim.

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