Real World Soccer Cup Flicker 3D 2023

With Real World Soccer Cup Flicker 3D 2023, you may demonstrate that you are victorious in the king sport! You will be able to take part in the World Championship and have a fantastic experience in it. Are you prepared to experience various game modes for a short period of time?

There are four distinct game modes in this game, and each one offers a unique set of fundamental goals and modes. You will have to select the nation where you will play and help your team win at the beginning of the game. In the next levels, you will also have a wide selection of players to choose from. In regards to the first level, you have one choice. You can shoot the ball by clicking and dragging your mouse across the screen in all modes.

Your goal in time mode is to reach a point total of more than 1000 in a minute. When in target mode, you must shoot a moving target that is inside the goalpost in accordance with the necessary number of games. You aim to score at least 1800 points in knockout mode. Free Kick is the final mode. The person with the most goals wins this mode. There are two players, each of whom shoots six balls simultaneously.


  • Vibrant three-dimensional images
  • There are numerous teams to select from.
  • Four distinct game modes
  • Appealing gameplay that allows for two players

How To Play

  • To kick the ball, swipe up with your mouse.
  • To kick, hold the ball with your mouse.

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