Sake Hockey

Sake Hockey is a unique kind of sport that blends fast-paced athletics with historical Japanese combat. Brave and talented ninjas will face off against samurai on the hockey rink in this game. The thrilling ambiance of the game is enhanced by the fact that every action is a battle tactic.

One of the heroes will be under your control, while the gaming bot will manage the other. In this game, players will chase a bottle of sake rather than a ball, as in other traditional games. You will therefore hear the distinctive tinkling sound of glass while you play. Tossing the ball into the opposing team's goal is your mission. By winning matches, you can advance in the game by finding new levels and upgrading your character.

Tips for Winning

In this game, location and timing are crucial factors. To improve your chances of scoring, you must efficiently handle your opponent's strokes and aim accurately. Ninjas must be expertly controlled as they move fast across the ice.


  • A unique fusion of sports and arcade games
  • A captivating old Japanese style, including traditional, recognizable characters like ninjas and samurai.
  • User-friendly growth system featuring character enhancements.

How To Play

The arrow keys, or WASD, are used to maneuver your character, while the spacebar is used to shoot.

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