Super Goalkeeper

In the game Super Goalkeeper, you may become the best goalie by catching the balls. The most thrilling soccer goalkeeper game ever is this one. As the goalkeeper in this game, it is your job to stop any balls from being thrown into the goal. Allow your skill to intimidate your opponents! 

Being the best goalie is a must. As soon as you start the game, you can select from eight various gloves, each with a unique beauty. The balls will soon practically start to fall on you once you reach the goal. Pushing the ball out of the goal is your task.

How To Play

All you have to do to play this game is move the mouse left or right. To force the ball out of the goal, aim it in the proper direction. The true test is holding out for the goalie to arrive and demonstrate your skills. Let's select a team, or more accurately, the color of the gloves, first. You'll see big gold coins appear in between the balls. You can get points by gathering them as much as you can. Your time will be deducted for each missed goal, and the game will terminate when it does.

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