Tic Tac Toe Soccer

Tic Tac Toe Soccer is an engaging puzzle game that combines the game of soccer with the fun of checkers. To win every round in the final game, you'll need to use your soccer abilities and strategic thinking. Board sizes range from 3x3 to 4x4 to 5x5, so you may pick the one that suits you best. Pick a level of difficulty and get ready for your opponent to block every serve you make. Play now and experience!

A grid of football goals, separated into squares, will appear on the screen. As the player, you'll be in charge of selecting a square and hitting the ball there. Any direction, from vertical to horizontal to diagonal, can be used to draw a line. Gather three balls into a straight line; that's your mission. You can unlock new, one-of-a-kind characters by winning matches and leveling up. A more attractive complexion will be your character's reward for completing four stages in a row.

In each of the game's thrilling stages, you must defeat your opponents and be the first to form the dotted line. Be one step ahead of the game by giving serious consideration to every move. Selecting the increasing difficulty setting will make your more skilled opponents considerably more formidable. You can eliminate the remaining enemy symbol from the playing field with the free bonus if needed.

How To Play

  • The mouse is used for control. The ball can be hit by clicking on an empty tile.

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