Ultimate Dunk Hoop

An arcade game called Ultimate Dunk Hoop is a unique and intriguing take on a basketball-themed sports game. Making baskets by skillfully guiding a bouncing ball into the hoop is the aim of the game. Are your reflexes fast enough to move the ball in the direction of the basket?

In front of you, you will see a ball lying on a pedestal. Below the platform is an abyss; if you fall down, you will fail. On both sides of the wall, there will be sharp spikes. They will help your ball have friction and stick to the wall. Thanks to that, you can move the ball gradually upward, where the basket is. Your task is to move to the top and throw the ball into the basket so that it does not fall into the abyss.

You will click on the screen using your mouse to accomplish this. Extrude a sticky thread from the ball, and it will adhere to the wall, enabling the ball to ascend to a predetermined level. You bring the ball into the area and score a goal by switching up your movements. Put the ball in the hoop to get the best score!


  • The gameplay is easy to understand but difficult.
  • When you gain more points, the game becomes faster.
  • Use your timing and coordination abilities.

How To Play

  • To assist the ball in rising steadily and being thrown into the basket, you will utilize the mouse.

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