Antistress: Relaxation Box

Here you may play the brand-new, thrilling game Antistress: Relaxation Box! This is a lighthearted game made for people who wish to use their strength and rage to let all of their feelings out. With the aid of the game's characters, all stored stress will be released. To beat the health bar to zero in a set amount of time, select a character and weapon to attack. Play this incredible boxing game to learn the art of slapping!

Any character, such as a boyfriend, relative, boss, or villain, might be the target of your ire. You will have access to a variety of attack tools in the game, each with unique damage. You have a variety of hitting tools at your disposal, including frying pans, fists, slippers, and palms. Within the given time, you must slap them and deplete their health bar. Your tension will dissipate, and your stress level will reach zero with each slap. You will have hours of fun playing this straightforward game. It's time to take control of the match and establish yourself as the face-slapping king!

How To Play

  • To play, click or tap.

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