Cliff Diving 3D

In Cliff Diving 3D, get ready to leap off the cliff and perform the ideal scuba dive. To get money and unlock every level in this game, you must jump into the water as soon as you can. You'll be able to overcome incredible barriers and challenges by diving, flipping, and somersaulting. The more awards you receive, the better your dive will be.

In order to play, you must select the tilt and jumping angle before pressing to cause the athlete to flip over and droop his head. To rotate, hold down the mouse button; to stop recording, release it. You can check out a variety of stages in the game. Every new level that comes after is a challenge that can only be accessed by passing the one before it. Play games that will keep you hooked and try your virtual cliff-jumping abilities!


  • Pike and tuck dive spots can be combined in a single dive to earn bonus points.
  • Competitive gamers can use Expert mode to earn the maximum score.
  • An interesting physics engine generates surprising falls if you encounter rocks on the way down.

How To Play

Make a straight entry into the water by jumping and diving. To jump, release the click after holding it to prepare.

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