This Game About Climbing

In this game about climbing, you can demonstrate your climbing prowess over challenging terrain. You will be thrust into a very risky challenge by the game. To reach the top, where the helicopter is waiting to greet you, you must climb the horizontal bars.

The thing you need to watch out for is the slick surfaces that are present everywhere. It's possible that the horizontal bars you have to sell will move against your will. This may hinder your ascent and increase your desire to conquer. A fantastic gift, the top is waiting for all climbers to reach it. Additionally, gather the coins that are strewn along the trail as you climb. You will gain points from it.

Tips To Win

The key to improving your climbing technique is practice. Every hurdle is intentionally created; none is challenging. Thus, exercise caution wherever you walk to prevent mishaps like falling into the ocean. You will then be defeated.

How To Play

To control the climber's hands, use the mouse (or gamepad). A massive, perilous mountain full of obstacles and surprises awaits you, so you must exercise extreme caution as you attempt to climb it.

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