Goal Finger Soccer

Goal Finger Soccer is a sports game that combines puzzle elements with soccer gameplay. The purpose of the game is to provide you with incredible shots. To finish each level and kick the ball into the goal is your objective. Your preferred national flag serves as the interface for the genuinely unique ball that you kick. You have to make sure the ball is tossed into the goal. The objective will be moved at each level: first to the left, then to the right, then below, and finally to the top. As a result, the game presents increasingly difficult and exciting scenarios. There will be a number of impediments in your path that will prevent you from shooting directly into the goal. There are several rounds in this game, and every victory gets you closer to winning. Get access to increasingly challenging stages by aiming the ball directly into the goal.


  • Playing intuitively and with easy controls
  • Strive to beat your own record in the different shooting settings.
  • Ideal for both brief games and extended tactical gaming sessions.

How To Play

  • Drag the ball into the appropriate shooting position.

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