Ludo Maximus

Help your pieces move in a circle to reach the finish line in the game Ludo Maximus. This game must have been extremely popular when you were a child, right? Now it has an online version of the game that you can play for free right now. Your job is to roll the dice and move your pieces to the end of the round. Repeat this until all your pieces have moved.

The game requires you to strategize meticulously to avoid missteps. Taking advantage of the times the dice turn six dots, you should let your pieces start moving on the road. Otherwise, your pieces will lie still and cannot move.

Tips and Tricks

A good tip when playing is to pay attention to your pieces if there are opponent pieces in front of you. When you rotate the dice, the number of dots corresponds to the distance from your piece to your opponent's piece. Let's move that piece. Then the opponent's piece will fail and return to the original chessboard. At this point, the opponent must move that piece again from the beginning.

How To Play

Use your mouse to click on the dice during your turn to move the pieces.

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